Best Backpack Brands for Travel – Guide’s

Every person who is a travel fanatic must have come across the need of a backpack. Be it trekking, hiking or simply a visit to a hill station or a beach, a backpack is of utmost necessity. However, choosing a backpack for travel can be an overwhelming task because of the availability of multifarious brands in the market. Most importantly, a person travelling needs to keep in mind his/her necessities while choosing a backpack for travel

Characteristics of an Ideal Backpack

To make the task of choosing a backpack easier, here is a list of the basic criteria that an ideal backpack must fulfill: 

  • Size of the backpack: Should be large enough to fit in all the travelling essentials like water bottle, lunchbox, clothes, toiletries and headphones.
  • Holding capacity of the backpack: Should be strong and durable enough to hold heavy objects.
  • Adequate pockets: Any ideal backpack should have adequate number of pockets so as to fit objects of different shapes and sizes.
  • Easy to carry: There shouldn’t be any hassle or inconveniences while carrying a backpack for travel. 

Choosing backpacks for travel according to one’s couple

When it comes to travelling, there are obvious differences between the needs and capacities of a man and a woman. Therefore, a man can buy a backpack that is best suited for his physical structure. Most importantly, a woman can buy a backpack that is best suited for the needs of a woman. However, if a woman has broad shoulders and is as tall as man, then she can buy a backpack that is suited for men. 

Keeping those requirements in mind, here is a list of the best backpack brands in 2020 that are available in USA:

  • Osprey Farpoint  Travel Backpack (55 L):

Its special features include unisex design, large compartments, sleeping pad straps and durable enough to carry more than 30 pounds of weight.

  • Gregory Z 75 Backpack:

Its special features include availability in various designs, side belt pockets, easy accessibility and a large main compartment.

Gregory Z 75 Backpack:
Gregory Z 75 Backpack:
  • Kelty Redwing (50 L):

Its special features include side pockets with zips, easy carrying and extremely large in size.

Kelty Redwing (50 L)
Kelty Redwing (50 L)
  • REI Vagabond 40 Pack:

Its special features include separate compartment for a water bottle, easy access to things, comfortable shoulder harness and a padded hip belt.

REI Vagabond 40 Pack
REI Vagabond 40 Pack
  • Osprey Women’s Aura 65 AG backpack:

Its special features include a separate compartment for a sleeping bag, flexible harness, double zippered front pockets and compression belts.

Osprey Women’s Aura 65 AG backpack
Osprey Women’s Aura 65 AG backpack

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Why should you invest in a good backpack brand?

A good backpack brand is not only worthwhile but also helpful when it comes to travelling. Investing in the backpack brand is beneficial because it will be a long term companion for any person who loves to travel regularly. Besides that, a worthwhile investment on the best backpack brand will ensure a long and durability of the product. Therefore, buying the best travel backpack will minimize the chances of any damage to the product and hence would save the trouble of buying another backpack in the near future.