The Ultimate Packing Guide On: What Shoes to Wear in Europe in Winter

Europe is a huge continent with countries that are visually stunning but the weather is not consistent throughout Europe. The weather is versatile throughout Europe and at any time of the year, one can expect either sun or rain.

The period from November to March is considered as winter in Europe and the conditions are generally damp and wet.

Always check weather forecasts in advance before planning a trip in a particular country of Europe, this would help to make the packing in accordance with the conditions and most importantly choose the right shoes to wear in Europe in winter.

Here we will list out a complete winter packing list for Europe

This would include everything from men’s packing list, winter packing list for Europe, and the fashion trends in Europe in the wintertime.

Getting the basics right

The basic items packed for a trip remain constant and are not altered much. The item includes shoes, sunglasses, shirts, undergarments, trousers.

But when it is specifically a winter season in Europe then the jackets, pullovers, gloves are a must. The most confusing part is to choose the right pair of shoes to wear in Europe In winter.

How to pack light for winter travel

In addition to the above articles, while making a trip to winter in Europe we should add a pair of boots and a specific jacket meant to withstand European winter travel.  

Guidelines to choose a shoe for winter

For spending winter in Europe it is advised to prefer slip-on boots over a shoe. It is because of the following reasons:

  • It is easier to take on and off the slip-on boots.
  • They are always trending in fashion and easily a part of Europe’s winter fashion.
  • These are comfortable and one can wear and walk in them for hours.
  • They have good cushions and keep our feet warm and dry.
  • The shoes should be waterproof.

What are the different options of shoes to choose from in Europe winter? 

The shoes have different functionality. So, while making a purchase we should be well aware of the usage of the shoe.

  • Sorel winter shoes– It is one of the best brands to choose from. These are sturdy waterproof and warm. But they have one disadvantage of being heavy which makes it difficult to wear for a long duration.
  • Columbia winter shoes– it is one of the most flexible shoes to wear. It is a perfect choice for hiking or snowshoeing and follows Europe’s winter fashion. These are used for daily activities.
  • UGG waterproof winter boots- Theses shoes are a bit expensive and a must for men’s packing list for Europe winter. The shoes are waterproof and keeps the feet warm. They manufacture shoes for both men and women.

The winters in Europe are very beautiful and attracts a large number of tourists. But if we are not equipped with the proper blend of clothes then we might not be able to relish the scenic beauty of Europe.