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Write for Us Travel Blog: It is a highly interesting blog for our website because it is demanding among users in summer vacations. Therefore our user wants to connect with us to know travel details such as hotel price, information of destination, how to travel and other relevant information.  We have lots of options to create your interest in travel because we generally accept an attractive article that must be related to price, travel and best location of the state. 

Our write for us travel guest post must be written in good English because you may get a good opportunity through these ways along with giving any part of the world. For example, you may add a family package, with adult or non-adult, add weekend rate list with low price hotels also. 

How travel tips +”write for us”:

  • We consider a good, simple and readable article with complete detail of the travel package.
  • Use strong and understandable vocabulary in your article so that people make sure to the right information. 
  • Your article should be completed into 600 to 1000 words.
  • We accept limited photograph and size must at least width “1920” Hight “480”px wide. 
  • Please send your post in HTML because it quickly uploads your post on this side. 
  • Your article must be fresh and unique and we consider your new story if it is not uploaded on another site. 
  • Use spell check and grammar check before final submission.
  • Your article body must be readable and the first paragraph must be appealing so that our user may get entire information of your story in short.
  • Your story must be informative and instructive. 

Explain the holiday trip:

  • Mention the detail of the holiday‚Äôs package with family.
  • Add discount offer for family tour. 
  • Add price list each of popular hotel.
  • You need to share the beauty of the location and add distance.
  • You may add a link to your blog if you have. 

How to categories travel blogs “write for us”

  • Holiday package with family
  • The lowest price of hotels
  • The distance of travel point 

Our Mission:

We are blogs publisher and we want to give you a successful place for a better opportunity in blogs and articles. We work to connect you with our user so that you may get various opportunities to publish your passion in front of them.  Our mission is to make you popular and you may get extra income through your writing skills. 

How to Contact For A Guest Post?

You need to give a little bit of information about yourself before travel “submit guest post” on this email or contact form:

Name, e-mail address, mobile number, and identity proof also.